Tax missions


Your company sound tax affairs management is one of the important factors of development.

Recognizing these challenges, we had developed a monitoring system of permanent tax treatment by enabling the clients to assist in the application of fiscal rules and in finding the best solutions in tax matters.

Thus, BCG will assist you optimizating tour tax situation and helps you in:

- The study of tax opportunities and the risk analysis

- Tax optimization through assistance in the choice of the best tax system

- Monitoring of the taxation of your daily operations

- The assistance in the preparation of the taxes declarations

- The study of the possible forms of help, tax exemption and tax advantages benefit

- The research of  tax  solutions for consolidation, split, transmission and dissolution

- The study of specific tax problems and the suggestion of tax schemes

- The income tax exemption in accordance with law

- The international taxation: support the establishment of effective and relevant fiscal management internationally

- The assistance in the management of tax audits.