Consultancy In Management


In a world economic context characterised by a strong turbulence, the striving for performance constitutes not only a management option but a necessity. So, in addition to our accounting and financial skills, we can develop analitical tools necessary for making a productive and coherent decision.

Thus, BCG has developed services to assist its clients in:

  • The General Management  Consulting :



-Contribution to the heritage of the company.

- Assistance in prevention and treatment of the difficulties of the company.

-Management planning and analysis of costs, margins and profitability.
-Development of dashboards, budgetary control and management’s ratios calculations.
-Study of the profit optimization.

  • The Financial Advisory  :


-Analysis of the financial management and the profitability of the invested capital.
- Analyzsis techniques and management of the working capital.

- Establishmment of cash flow plans.

- Assistance on the cash flow management.

  • Relations with banks and financial agencies :

-Elaboration of the files in the creation and implementation of companies and the establishment of business plans.

-Analysis of the financial structure.

-Financial arrangement and elaboration of financial plans in the medium and long term. 

-Choice of financing and assistance modes with the financial agencies.