Companies transmission


Transferring a company is the culmination of a long process of reflection, analysis, reseraches and negociations. Whether it is the dealer or the buyer assistance, our firm offers to mawimize your process by guiding you through this tricky process:

  •  Accompanying the transferor:


- The study of the feasibility of the proposed transaction and the preparation of the company to be sold

- Evaluation of the company and the determination of a value interval

- Development of the presentation document

- Distribution of the offer and the presentation document

- Preselection of buyers based on objective criteria

- Participation in the negocations with buyers in collaboration with other consultants 

- Participation in the development of protocols and contacts of the transfer

Accompanying the transferor after the sale.

  •  Accompanying the buyer:


- The analysis of the project recovery and the buyer’s ambitions

- The assistance in the definition of the targets

- The preselection of the transferors based on objective criteria

- The participation  in  drafting the letter of intention

- The realization of the acquisition audit and measure the value of the transaction

- The participation in the negociations with the transferor

-Engineering, legal, tax and financial operations

- The participation in the development of protoclos and contracts of the transfer

Accompanying the buyer after the transfer.