Business Organisation


The growing complexity of the economic environment, competitive system transformations, technology development and its impacts require quick adaptations for the company. In this context, we provide our clients with our expertise to analyze the company organization and its information systems.

Our Target is to assist companies in the management of the changing situations and the adaptation to new challenges. We work mainly in:

- Assistance in defining the general policy of the company, taking into account the foreseeable developments or events that should be confronted in the future

The restructuring and reorganization of functions and processes

- The definition of set of rules and procedures to be followed by all the company staff

- The accompaniment in the conception and the updating of the internal control system

- The internal control documentation and writing the procedures manual

- Defining the functions, tasks and the order of the functional organization

- Optimizing the use of the company resources

- The assistance of the company in the implementation of the internal audit functions and management control

- The follow-up of the evolution of the company organization with their managers